Dance Commander Disco!

Dance Commander Disco

Once in a while you get a client who’s like YES! USE ALL THE COLORS AND GRADIENTS! BUT what’s even MORE rare is when it’s a suitable project to do so 😝 Well, I’m am OVERJOYED and OVERPSYCHED to announce Rogue Media‘s latest website creation, for the new online dance community Dance Commander Disco! Besides going wild with color I also got to experiment with a contact form background that has no business being that retro cool, as well as a side navigation that morphs to top nav on mobile… this was harder to do than you would think!! Thanks Ramie Becker and the DCD team!

“Dance Commander Disco is an experiment in online community, fusing the technologies of Zoom, Discord and Twitch. We host a weekly schedule of Bootie Mashup dance parties, sarcastic exercise classes, and bizarro-themed watch-alongs. Haven’t found a weird enough corner of the internet yet? Try ours!”

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