Leveling up your online game?

More than ever, people are rethinking the way they live and work. As life moves increasingly online, now’s the time to build (or redesign!) that awesome website that you’ve always wanted, and we’d love to help.

Whether you’re refreshing your online presence to get more work, developing an ecommerce site, creating a recurring subscription plan or online course, or building a portfolio to let your work shine, Rogue will consult with you to figure out exactly what you need, and how to make it happen.

Check out some recent success stories below and get in touch if you’d like to chat!

Read Some Rogue Success Stories

Bessie Joyce has been designing and creating stained glass windows, lamps and mosaic pieces since the 1990s. She hired me to design her a simple one page website, that showcases her work, explains her process, and integrates her Etsy shop, Instagram and other social media. The final, sleek and dark design features some Ken Burns effects and dynamically updating content.


Yoko Morimoto is a freelance photographer and visual storyteller, who shoots for a wide range of production companies, magazines, and professional organizations. Yoko hired me to help her complete her unfinished Squarespace website. She wanted it to be simple & clean so her photography pops. After that, I helped her plan and execute her marketing strategy, and the paying work is now rolling in!


Dance Commander Disco is an experiment in online community, fusing the technologies of Zoom, Discord and Twitch. Once in a while you get a client who’s like YES! USE ALL THE COLORS AND GRADIENTS! BUT what’s even MORE rare is when it’s a suitable project to do so. Besides going wild with color I also got to experiment with a side navigation that morphs to top nav on mobile, as well as a contact form background that has no business being that retro cool!


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